1. How long has the Spirits organization been in existence?

The first Spirits team was formed in 1987. For many years there was only one girls’ team but around the year 2000 the organization expanded, adding several teams of boys and girls.

2. Is this a competitive or a house league organization?

The Spirits teams are competitive, traveling, rep teams made up from the best players from many different schools. However, there is a Spirits house league as well as several developmental leagues and camps in Belleville and area.

3. What age range does the Spirits serve?

The Spirits players range in age from 9 to 18 years old.

4. When are tryouts for the competitive teams?

Tryouts for the Spirits teams start in September for elementary school students and late November for high school students.

5. How long is the season?

Each team makes its own schedule but in general the seasons run from October to April.

6. How often does each team practice?

Spirits teams practice two or three times per week at various schools in Belleville.

7. What is the cost?

Registration cost is $450- $550. There would also be costs associated with travel, such as hotels, meals etc.

8. How much travel is involved?

Unfortunately most of the Spirits games are out of town and therefore a fair amount of travel is involved. Each team is different since they choose their own tournaments to attend. However trips to Ottawa, Kingston, and the GTA are quite common.

9. How can my child prepare for Spirits tryouts?

As mentioned above, there is the house league in the fall as well as summer camps. Many of the high schools run developmental leagues in the spring.

10. What is the Spirits philosophy?

The overall goal of the Spirits is to provide the opportunity for student athletes to develop their basketball skills to the highest possible level and develop lifelong relationships along the way. At the same time, we would like the student-athletes to learn life lessons about commitment, sportsmanship, and teamwork