Who is Sandro Palleschi?

We hope to feature all the Spirits coaches in time. First up: U12 coach, Sandro Palleschi.

There is so much more to know about Sandro than his love of Twizzlers and witty email repartee with his team’s parents. Read on for more…

Sandro is the longest serving active head coach in the Spirits club. He has spent 11 of the last 12 coaching years with the Spirits, almost always with the Major Atoms.

As a certified Level 1 coach, Sandro is proud that every assistant coach he’s worked with has been a Head Coach within the Spirits, or became one afterwards.

When not munching on licorice, Sandro keeps meticulous stats from each game and season using this information to provide detailed feedback to every player.

The best finish for a team he was coaching was the 2016/17 season when the Major Atom girls finished 13th in the province. This was after finishing 5th in the Ontario Cup D2 division andĀ resulted in the highest rank achieved by a Spirits team at that time. The previous year was no less exciting with the Major Atom team finishing 17th in the province after winning D2 Gold at the Ontario Cup.

When asked to provide a quote or motto related to coaching, Sandro had the following words of wisdom to share. For those that don’t know Sandro, he may be joking with a couple of the comments below. šŸ˜‰

  • If you have to choose between 2 kids for the a spot on the team, take the kid thatĀ  brings you licorice or the parent that brings you coffee
  • Always abide by the golden rule:Ā  He who has the golden whistle makes all the rules.
  • In order for the kids to reach their true potential you need to plan enough time in the season to coach their parents.
  • Every shot is a jump shot otherwise it doesn’t count even if it goes in.
  • Reinforce that fact with the kids that their coaches and parents will love them whether they win or lose.Ā  We’ll all just love them more if they win.
  • Parents need curfews more than the kids.